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CLAUDETTE - "Anderlues Claudett Trooper, MTX"
August 5, 1994 - August 14, 2007
Accomplishments: ABC MTX Certification
See Stories:"Claudette's Cornfield Caper" and "Where's Norman"

Claudette lived longer than any Bloodhound we've ever known. She was 13. Claudette was as strong as an ox and healthy as could be. She was all "Tom-Boy".

Claudette was born in Quebec City, Canada at the home of Bloodhound breeder, Rene St. Louis and we were asked to give her a name that began with the letter "C" for that litter. As we drove to Canada, we crossed a river with the name "Claudette" and with a hint of a French-Canadian accent - that was it!

Claudette was partnered with Patti and their training started as soon they returned home. Claudette and Hannah soon became best friends, lived together, trained together, and also completed all of her trailing certifications through the American Bloodhound Club.

In 1998, Claudette was bred to "Windsor" owned by our friends Nan & Jack Whitsel. Eight beautiful pups were whelped and we kept two boys: Beau and Shooter.

For her remaining years, she kept her boys in line and led a wonderful life. She too, was involved in the Norman Johnston criminal case as well as her most memorable call-out which she ran through a cornfield after 2 bank robbers.

Claudette will be fondly remembered and never forgotten as she now joins her best friend, Hannah, on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge".

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