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How We Came To Be

    In the early 1980's in Lancaster County, a young girl with Down Syndrome walked away from her home on Thanksgiving Day and died of hypothermia. She was found less than 1/4 mile from her home the next day. In response to this tragedy, Allen & Patti Means were inspired to start their own K-9 team with Bloodhounds.

    The Red Rose K-9 S.A.R. Team was established in 1989 and incorporated in 1991 as a volunteer, non-profit organization to serve their community by utilizing specially trained man-trailing Bloodhounds to locate lost or missing persons and criminals through various types of terrain and weather conditions.

    Since 1989, the Red Rose K-9 S.A.R. Team has worked towards educating emergency service organizations (police and fire departments) on the importance of utilizing Bloodhounds as a “first response” in any given search situation.

    Bloodhounds work effectively from an uncontaminated scent article of the missing person and the point last seen. Bloodhounds wear a chest harness and are under leash at all times. They are, for the most part, ground trailing dogs and keep their noses to the ground to follow the trail and are capable of smelling the scent hours, even days, after the person’s disappearance. Bloodhounds have the greatest sense of smell of all canine breeds.

Working Relationships

    Throughout their existence, Red Rose K-9 S.A.R. Team has developed a working relationship with 34 local police departments and 16 fire departments. On occasion, they have had the opportunity to work with the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

    Affiliated memberships include: the American Bloodhound Club, the Colonial Bloodhound Club, Virginia Bloodhound Search & Rescue, and the Lancaster Kennel Club.

    Both Allen & Patti are national trailing trial judges for the American Bloodhound Club. They have instructed at and regularly attend Bloodhound training seminars throughout the country. Since their incorporation, they have been successful in organizing and maintaining a local training group of active Bloodhound handlers and encourage enthusiasts to watch and learn about this incredible breed.

    In the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombing, Allen Means traveled to the Staten Island, NY Recovery Site with fellow members of W.E.S.T. 6-10 and volunteered their service to help recover personal effects of the victims.

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