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BEAU - "Claudett's Ode to Beau"
September 7, 1998 - December 30, 2008

On Labor Day, September 7, 1998, Claudette went into labor soon thereafter, delivered 8 beautiful pups. Beau was one of the larger males and his brother, Shooter, was the runt! Beau and Shooter were inseparable. They did everything together. They played together, slept together, fought together, and worked together.

At 8 weeks of age, Patti slipped the harness on Beau and they began their training together. It didn't take long for Beau to catch on to the game of "trailing" and it didn't take long for Patti to realize that Beau's nose was extremely sensitive.

Beau didn't like to get his nose too close to the scent article which he needed to smell in order to trail. He always pulled his head back away from the item and then quickly pulled Patti into the trail. It was so fast that Patti often doubted whether Beau got a good sniff - but he always did and always got them to the end of the trail where he would jump with excitement at the trail-layer.

If you asked Beau what his favorite part of trailing was - he would tell you: "LINE-UPS". As a friend would tell us: "He was textbook!" It was a training exercise to fine-tune scent discrimination. Several people would walk in a straight line and at a certain point, would branch off until they were all standing in a straight line, about 10 feet apart. A scent article of one of the people was left behind for the dog to smell and properly identify that person. Beau didn't waste any time and would nail his target every time!

Before Beau started any trail, and after Patti adjusted his harness, he would always turn to her, gently jump up and put his paws on her shoulder, look her in the eyes, and stare. It was his time and always took advantage of it. When he soaked up enough love and affection - he'd jump down and into the trail. It was his "thing" and did it every time he had his harness on.

Beau worked primarily criminal cases and helped police with additional pieces to their puzzle. He had a strong body and even a stronger will to live.

Beau's hips began to weaken but never his spirit. It was necessary to say goodbye to Beau on December 30, 2008 - the first day Beau and Shooter were separated since birth. He's with his mother now on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge".

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