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Honored With a Volunteer Award
2009 PECO Award Winner

    Each year, The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia honors local police and firefighters from throughout the Delaware Valley to receive the “Police and Firefighters Heroes Awards of Valor” sponsored by Reedman-Toll Auto World and the Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) sponsored “Volunteer Firefighter Award”.

    The awards are designed to honor living police and firefighters who have shown outstanding courage in the line of duty. Actions recognized include combat with armed and dangerous adversaries, car chases, rescues from burning buildings, intervention in school violence, and other heroic acts. Police canines are also recognized for their work in arson, narcotics, and tracking. Nominations are received directly from police and firefighter units in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

    On September 10, Allen and Patti Means of Strasburg were honored with the PECO Volunteer Firefighter Award for their 21 years of public service. In 1989, the couple founded the RED ROSE K-9 SEARCH & RESCUE TEAM (a 501C3 non-profit organization) and they continue to assist law enforcement and fire service with the use of their man-trailing Bloodhounds. In 2003, Allen and Patti were the recipients of the Jefferson Award for Lancaster County.

Honored For Public Service
2003 Jefferson Award Winner

    Allen and Patti Means of Strasburg, Pennslyvania were recently honoured with the presigious "Jefferson Award" for public service to communities. This husband and wife team have been involved in search and rescue efforts with their highly-trained bloodhounds for 15 years.

    In 1972, the American Institute for Public Service was established by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft, Jr. and Sam Beard to help preserve democracy by utilizing awards to encourage and recognize adult and youth volunteers and excellence in service. The Jefferson Award was named after Thomas Jefferson for his belief in the importance of helping others in need.

    Each year, a panel of judges selects the honourees from community nominations (this year, there were 106). The award was sponsored by six local United Way chapters, WGAL TV, and Eat 'N Park Family Restaurants.

    On May 8, 2003, the Means attended a banquet and awards ceremony in the Valencia Ballroom, York, Pa. It was the first time this award was ever presented to a couple.

    The Means' non-profit organization (Red Rose K-9 S.A.R. Team) was founded in 1989 to utilize bloodhounds to help locate lost or missing people and assist law enforcement agencies in criminal matters.

    Allen and Patti also sponsor the "Hug-A-Tree & Survive" program which was designed to teach lost children and elderly how to survive in the outdoors if they are ever lost or seperated from their loved ones.

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